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Fiberglass Roofing in NJ

Are you looking for fiberglass roofing in NJ? With 40 years of experience, North American Pfister is an award winning roofing contracting company using the leading methods and knowledge gained from the thousands of homes we've updated to install fiberglass roofing for your home. Our professional installers are dedicated to providing exceptional roofing installation and customer service, promptly updating homes in NJ with roofs that look great and last for many years. With North American Pfister, you can expect affordable fiberglass roofing in NJ using installation methods acknowledged by industry leaders.

Fiberglass roofing shingles are made using wet laid fiberglass that is cut down into shingles. You may also find traces of asphalt in fiberglass shingles, adding strength to an already durable material. A lightweight shingle offering many styles, fiberglass roofing can accentuate your home with looks that mimic stone, tile, or wood. Because of our changing weather patterns, fiberglass roofing shingles last years without constant exposure to extreme heat. Likewise, they are highly-efficient at draining water from your roof, keeping your roof dry and preventing home leakage. If, in the event fiberglass shingles do require replacement, their light weight and ease make for simple repairs. Don't be fooled by their lightweight however, as professional fiberglass roofing in NJ provides the protection you need while adding an attractive element to your home or office. Created using fiberglass, these roofing shingles are also energy-efficient, providing your home with warmth in the winter and cooling it down during the summer. In short, fiberglass roofing shingles perform a big job for years to come.

The lifespan of your fiberglass roofing in NJ relies on the professional methods used during installation. At North American Pfister, we carefully install these shingles to maximize their performance and lifespan. These shingles, when placed and installed correctly, require little maintenance years after installing.

In addition to high quality fiberglass roofing in NJ, we also perform installation for asphalt roofing in NJ. Asphalt roofing shingles come as two types: fiberglass asphalt shingles and organic asphalt shingles. While asphalt roofing in NJ shares some of the benefits of fiberglass roofing, they are not energy-efficient and are less resistant to temperature changes. High grade asphalt roofing shingles, however, handle temperature changes with more ease and include much more durability than lower-grades.

Professional fiberglass roofing in NJ improves the insulation, aesthetic, and value of your property. Their ease of replacement and affordability make them an indispensible option for your roof remodeling or installation needs. We offer a variety of fiberglass roofing designs and colors to update the look of your home or office.

For more information about the value of fiberglass roofing in NJ, how it will benefit your property, and to receive a free roofing estimate, call North American Pfister at (201) 794-1422.

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Fiberglass Roofing NJ